❤️Boyfriend Jung Kyungho Flood Sooyoung`s IG Live with Comments..but 😂

#Sooyoung scolds boyfriend #JungKyungHo for leaving too many comments during her Instagram Live with #Seohyun 😂

💬 NetizenBuzz Jung Kyung Ho pops in on Sooyoung’s Instagram live 😍

SNSD Sooyoung (최수영) ft. Seohyun (서주현) Instagram Live [181203]:

source: kstarlive.com

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50 thoughts on “❤️Boyfriend Jung Kyungho Flood Sooyoung`s IG Live with Comments..but 😂

  1. Jung kyung ho oppa's sure like to tease her alot. I actually never like SNSD but somehow Soo young unnie was the first member of the group that make me fall for her charms. It's after I watched her in Running Man where she bargain with Min Ho shinee and other gueast role in RM. Her savage personality make me feel for her. Since then I start to become her fan and watch lot of her video. And recently I have celebrity crush on Jung kyung ho oppa's after watched him in Life on Mars and prison playbook. Maybe because they seem to have contra personalities that make them suit each other very well. The savage soo young Unnie and sweet lovely Jung kyung ho oppa. In one interview, he said that he keep falling in love with Soo young after been together for years and that is so cute.

  2. Korea
    Where dating someone is a BIG SCANDAL.

    I just wish that Idols don't need to hide if they're already seeing someone.
    It's not like they commit murder.

  3. It's easier for an idol to date an actor/actress… they may get a little hate but the support is much stronger. But when an Idol date another Idol…. damn it's like a war, and the artist suffers from so much hate and the funny thing is that almost half of the haters are they're so called 'fans'. (mostly because it's not the ship they wanted, like JenKai… JenLisa shippers bashed it so much even hating on Jennie. and of course the majority is because of "Oppa is mine/for everyone"…. just like what BaekYeon experienced and many idol couples out there)
    So proud of HyunA & EDawn for fighting their love.

  4. Jung Kyung Ho is not only a good actor, but he has good taste in women! Sooyoung is so nice, funny, and pretty. The undeserved hate comments Sooyoung gets about her looks honestly lowers my opinion of Korean males.

  5. Its funny how groups like snsd shinee big bang super jr tvxq etc don't get as much hate as second gen kpop idols when it comes to dating and all that it's like when old idols dabuted all eyes were on them but now people like knetzen don't really care if thay date i mean they care but not as much as they would care if groups like got7 twice BP bts ikon astroo etc would date

    I guess when you get a serten age as an idol people finaly relize that you're not a kid who can be told what to do

  6. I just pray that my twice babies will meet this type of man.. Sweet and genuine. 😊

    Sorry for mentioning twice, it's just that this couple is really cute and I can only imagine one of twice having a same relationship.

  7. They're really swert..but soo young still savage queen "stop leaving comment here"lol😂😂😂😍

  8. Sooyoung unnie just released her single – winter breath, it's so soothing and suitable for winter, you can look for it at genie music or at her own yt channel sooyoung official..hve a good day..

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