🐉Bullying AI with Chinese Dragons Age of Mythology Tale of the Dragon

Happy Late Chinese New Year it was actually the year of the Rat but pretend its the year of the Dragon for a second




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10 thoughts on “🐉Bullying AI with Chinese Dragons Age of Mythology Tale of the Dragon

  1. Please, can someone help me? i've looked for the game but i didn't find it. Where can i get it? steam's game doesn't go into my computer

    por favor, alguien podríaayudarme, he buscado el juego pero no lo encuentro, donde puedo encontrarlo? El de steam no me quiso funcionar

    s'il te plait, quelqu'un puet m'aider, j'ai cherché le jue mais je ne le trouve pas. Ou' puex-je le trouver? Dans mon ordinnateur ne va pas

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