10 Amazing Pictures Of Disney Princesses Without Makeup

Here are 10 beautiful Disney princesses without makeup.

Women are becoming more and more comfortable with a natural approach to beauty. So, it only seemed “natural” to imagine our favorite Disney Princesses the same way. Thanks to the internet, we can finally see what these famous Princess look like under all that makeup! From Snow White to Elsa, you won’t believe your eyes when you see these 10 Disney Princess without makeup!

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23 thoughts on “10 Amazing Pictures Of Disney Princesses Without Makeup

  1. Enough about the stupid eyelash thing. The reason it doesn't show much is because once you take off your mascara and liner take a pic of your face not too close up, you will see that you can hardly your natural lash.
    Plus, why did they take snow white's eyebrow off? If they did they should take that spoiled brat sushi girl Ariel's eyebrow too. She looks like she overplucked and drew on a harsh line. So yeah, take that shit away too.
    And why do people always associate big eyes with being beautiful. FYI, I was once in an Asian club and I saw this really dark dark skinned girl she was very petite and had small eyes , Asian eyes and they slant up on the side. She had on some make up and she was probably the hottest , most unique and prettiest girl there. I noticed a lot of men, especially white men checking her out too. So yeah, don't conform and don't think there is only one idea of beauty, all this big eyes ,big lip ,small nose bullshit is just stereotype. You stand out more if you are unique!

  2. Bruh they literally remove the eyelashes when they are long and thick to the point where they have no eyelashes.
    People can have naturally thick eyelashes, and I think it’s possible to have naturally red lips or at least not a dusty colored lip.

  3. I don’t think the characters actually put on Make-up on (like with Pocohantus make up wasn’t even invented in thier tribe ) I think they are pretty the way they are and I don’t think their face has make up I think they are as they were of made to be. Does it really matter if they put make up or not it’s actually what’s in the inside , idk why this is so important but yeah.

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