10 Amazing Pictures You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped Part 2

10 Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Real!
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How many times have you had to do a double-take on a picture you just couldn’t believe was real and it turned out to be completely photoshopped? With modern devices and image editing programs out there, it’s hard to believe that some amazing pictures aren’t really photoshopped. But today, we’re bringing you 10 more pictures that are completely and 100% real!

First is the half bursting bubble – although it looks fake, this is one of the most highly detailed bursting bubble pictures you can find online. It belongs to a photographer called Richard Heeks who specializes in bubble photography!

Next, we have the odd-looking hole in the sky that many claim belongs to UFOs. To add it up to the photoshop mystery, you can also see a rainbow inside that hole. But it’s not a fake image! These holes are known as skypunch, and they are a part of the Bergeron process. It happens when the cloud’s water temperature isn’t yet frozen. This causes a domino effect of the water around the clouds ice crystals to evaporate and create a giant hole in the sky!

And let’s not forget about the optical illusion you can find in Paris! It must be photoshopped, right? Believe it or not, it´s real. Make sure to watch our video to find out how an amazing artist created this fantastic optical illusion you can find outside Paris’ City Hall!

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