10 English Idioms and Phrases for an AMAZING English Conversation #englishidioms

#englishidiomsandphrases #englishidiomsforconversation

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DO you want to sound more like a native when you’re having a conversation in English? Then these idioms and expressions will help you get there! Native English speakers using idioms all the time in English and they really can help you express yourself better when used correctly. Wether you’re having a conversation in English or listening to a conversation, these English idioms are likely to come up!

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47 thoughts on “10 English Idioms and Phrases for an AMAZING English Conversation #englishidioms

  1. Hi leila, please any chance of a lesson telling the difference between the "do you have and have you got" ? Thanks in advance

  2. I've been making progress since donkey years ago when i watch your teaching. u r brilliant teacher leila. God bless ya and your family.

  3. Thank you for good lessons that easy to remember! You re great!

    I knew not "easy said than done" but only "it's easy to condemn but hard to create"

  4. I recently moved from Bangladesh to USA and I am 13 years old. Can you tell me about some online courses of English that can help me.

  5. He's been beating around the bush for long time because he thought his parents would go crazy if they had known what's really going on .

  6. Miss Leila, I am sorry to let you know that, the idiom no.9, i.e " To kill two birds with one stone " , is not actually an English idiom. This idiom was first mentioned in the ancient indian sanskrit epic " The Mahabharata". The idiom that you used is rather a translated version of the original sanskrit one which was written in the 8th century as far as my knowledge is concerned.
    Anyways, Your videos are helping a lot of people out there which surely deserves a lot more appreciation than what you get right now .

  7. Hi there I often watch your videos nd they are beyond explanation super cool just a little doubt makes me comment here whats the difference between pulling my leg and leg pulling…as i know leg pulling in prfessional life means you are caught up in some conspiracies might be made by mates colleagues pz tell

  8. Hello Leila can you explain the difference between talking at crossing purposes at get the wrong end of the stick?

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