10 Firefox Extensions You Should Install Right Now! 2019

These are 10 useful Firefox extensions that enhance your web browser. A couple months back we did a video about useful extensions for the Chrome browser. Now it’s time to give some love to Firefox. In this video, I will show you 10 of our favorite extensions for the Firefox browser that help to make you more productive and improve your overall web browsing experience.

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“Firefox Extensions” Playlist

0:23 Dark mode for every website.
1:27 Reverse image search.
2:04 Amazon price tracker.
3:02 Stop Facebook from tracking you.
3:36 Protect your privacy.
4:17 A new look for Wikipedia.
5:21 Open multiple links.
5:51 Quickly restore a closed tab.
6:29 Open-source password manager.
6:59 The best blocker extension.

Dark Reader

Image Search Options

The Camelizer

Facebook Container

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials


Snap Links Plus

Undo Close Tab


uBlock Origin



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42 thoughts on “10 Firefox Extensions You Should Install Right Now! 2019

  1. What extensions for Firefox do you use? FUN FACT: Firefox has supported browser extensions for a longer period than Google Chrome. Firefox since 2004, Chrome since 2010. The first major browser to support extensions was "Internet Explorer" way back in 1999… Thanks for watching 😉

  2. I'm glad you mentioned Bitwarden. The norm these days is to recommend Lastpass despite it's ability to really slow down a browser.

  3. a week ago my firefox disabled all my add-ons without warning or possibility to activate them. i just switched to chrome and would recommend that to you and everybody i know. i used firefox since i got internet in the win xp days.

  4. Thank you so much for pointing out DarkReader – my eyes can't handle black print on a white background any more – the print looks light grey and is very hard to read – this solves the problem and rests my eyes.

  5. I am using Dark Reader and I really like it. But … I cannot find how to switch it of for one page on my Andtoid tablet 😢

  6. I tried Wikiwand. All i get is a blank screen on wikipedia, seems like a broken extension or something other extensions that are affecting it.

  7. My favourite extensions are: –
    1) Ublock Origin
    2) Grammarly for Firefox
    3) Enhancer for Youtube – Allows you to customise youtube according to your own needs and also disable the ads during streaming.
    4) Dark reader
    5) Adobe Acrobat
    6) Disable Javascript
    7) Net speed test
    8) Firefox Pioneer

    2 of them were installed after seeing this video – 1 is the Wikiwand and other is the Snap links

  8. * AdBlock
    * Autocopy selection to clipboard (No more Ctrl+C. Fastest way to copy text. Copies selected text to the clipboard automatically)
    * Right Links WE (allows to open links in new tabs with right-click directly)
    * Save Image in Folder (Save images to different folders in one click! You can define many folder names and save there in one click!)

  9. The most useful extension, yet no longer available in Firefox quantum was Flashgot. Thats the only reason I didn't update my Firefox

  10. please make a video of what web sites or companies Facebook currently owns and operates ; they own so many pages, companies, services and other tech stuff. You could also include other huge tech companies and what they own, operate and control. Thank you, Reggie

  11. I know I'm late but if you watch a lot of You Tube I recommend Youtube Watchmarker, it marks the videos you already watched, of course you an also unmark vdeos.

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  13. Dark reader makes my 32 bit FF run like absolute crap. Been using Night mode pro, and it works a LOT better. I would also strongly recommend anyone who likes the camel one check out Keepa, its pretty amazing.

  14. Firefox is the best! I recommend:
    Tab Session Manager
    Group Speed Dial
    Web Search Navigator
    Save Page WE
    Regex Search
    Better Netflix
    Enhancer for Youtube
    Zoom Image

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