10 Most Stylish Adidas Sneakers Under $100

10 Most Stylish Adidas Sneakers Under $100. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his picks for the most stylish adidas sneakers men can buy for under $100. He talks about classic and newer adidas models men can easily bring into their classic stylish sneaker rotation.

How To Wear Adidas Stan Smith
How To Wear Adidas SuperStars

Adidas Continental 80
Adidas Samba
Adidas Busenitz
Adidas Stan Smith
Adidas SuperStars
Adidas Pro Model
Adidas Gazelle
Adidas Iniki
Adidas Sobakov
Adidas Young 96

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42 thoughts on “10 Most Stylish Adidas Sneakers Under $100

  1. Unfortunately, although Adidas advertises the current Samba Classic (long tongue shoe) as having all leather uppers, they are now manufactured with synthetic uppers but Adidas refuses to truthfully say so even though I've talked to their US customer service.

    I dont know about you, but if Im being told that my shoe is leather, I don't think it's acceptable to call synthetic/ plastic material leather.

    My Samba OG's and Roms ARE leather as advertised, Samba Classic's ARE NOT!

    Not sure if they list the materials honestly on their non US website.

    Perhaps they think that Americans are all clueless. Reminds me of the V.W. diesel gate scandal on a smaller scale.

    Synthetics are fine and 100% acceptable as long as you don't call them leather. That isn't't too big of an expectation is it?

  2. Love Adidas. Got 2 pair of Samba's – blue suede/white stripes and white leather/red stripes, Jeans in white/green stripes, Campus in grey/white stripes and just bought a pair of Spezial's in black/white stripes, which are crazy comfortable. Think I'll be wearing those ones a lot!

  3. Thank you for your channel and content, Style OG!!!
    So much out there cheaply: Samba Millenniums, Stan Smith 2Ks (rare), Stan Smith velcros, Stan Smith adicolors, suede Stan Smiths, Stan Smith vulcs, adidas Kareems (Abdul Jabbars), adidas (Muhammad) Alis (one if my pristine prized possessions, white on black), Top Tens, Samoas (like Nike Cortezes but adidas), Orions, ZX series, ZXZs, adidas TRs, Marathon TR running shoes…mind boggling choices out there.
    Pricey, but deeply in search of some adidas Arthur Ashe BHMs, white with black piping…super fresh kicks!
    Style OG, what do you think about sweatsuits and tracksuits for regular casual wear, not just for working out?

  4. Stan Smith. My first ever shoes that I bought back in 15 years ago. I still keep it just to reminds me my old hard day.

  5. Yo, you're a life safer, planning to hit my local mall saturday to get myself some gear for my birthday and waa planning on coping some Adidas and this video showed up in my subscriptions. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  6. Yo Checkout the adidas SC premiere slightly over the $100 price point at $120 but they have that nice high end feel 😎

  7. All solid picks G! My personal go-to will always be Stan Smith, hands down!! I've been copping them since my teens. I can hear my fiancé now saying "again"?! Hey, I was old-school then and I still am. Salute bro!!👊

  8. I’m wanting to get my hands on a vegan pair of Stan smiths. Just haven’t pulled the trigger yet as I usually stick to canvas

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