100 Kickflips In The Adidas Superstar Shoes

We’re back on the streets with a shoe that was born for the streets! The Adidas Superstar Vulc ADV! The Superstar is now new and improved for specifically skating. From RUN DMC to Elissa Steamer, tons of legends have worn the Superstar on and off the board. It’s classic style is only matched by it’s unsurprising durability. Watch our homie, and Portland local, Andrew Nguyen flick his way through the 100 Kickflip Challenge in a classic pair of white and black shell toes. Then go snag your self a pair at CCS.com.

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31 thoughts on “100 Kickflips In The Adidas Superstar Shoes

  1. I have to search on eBay to find the very specific blue insole skate versions because they are in fact the best insole ever

  2. This shoe is almost perfection. Adidas (if you see this) please add an extra eye-stay layer to give skaters an option to protect their laces. A kind of dual lacing system that should save all these laces from busting. Or maybe add two stretchy tongue centering straps or internal bootie system so the shoe stays on after destroying the laces. In my opinion, this will make that shoe a pinnacle of skate style/technology.

  3. My friends said these shoes look terrible and I told them it was the best shoes in 80s – 90s and the best skate shoe now

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  5. i hated that insole! the pattern on it makes it hard to slide ur foot into the shoe without rubbing and bunching ur your socks, so uncomfortable too. i swapped it out for the lunar cons green and black one lol

  6. I'm running out of skate shoes and realized i gotta pair of the all white og superstars. Don't know how much of an difference it will make but we'll find out

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