$100 YEEZY Vs. $1,200 YEEZY SNEAKERS!!

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28 thoughts on “$100 YEEZY Vs. $1,200 YEEZY SNEAKERS!!

  1. i got to get this out…if some little 10 yr old tries to call me out im bitch slappin him and putting him in his place and for all you "hype boys" I know its beast… you all can take that shit and shove it…I will wear whatever I like and if someone has a problem they can say it straight up and we will see how they feel afterwards…just had to express myself

  2. I have the tubulars I don’t wear them because I can’t afford yeezys I don’t like yeezys very much but I love the tubulars

  3. I think people over hyping shoes. Shoes are just shoes. If you like that shoe, you buy it. I like that shoe. I just bought mine. That’s the closest to yeezy that are over price for days. Wear what make you look stylish and own it, and don’t care what people think. Style is a brod thing. Like you say, who care what people think or say. People just like yeezy because is by lameass Kanye West only. Why people support someone with bad attitude and who is already so rich and put a bad image since the Taylor Swift problem at vmas.

  4. It's not fake Yeezy cause it's not Yeezy…

    It's Adidas Tubular and in France no one bought them (even discount)

    In the shop where in work, it's one of the awfull/worst sneakers we have

    PS : French, sorry for my grammatical mistake

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