41 thoughts on “101 Amazing Historical Photos Volume 1

  1. Great pictures but I can't read half of the captions cause you picked a colour that blends in with the background 🙄 Other than that amazing pictures

  2. 4:20 Mick Jagger and Jimmy Hendrix literally look like they're hanging out in a jail cell at the same time smoking a joint. Even the time stamp means weed.

  3. That elephant was chained to those skis imagine if that had flipped over, they wouldn't be able to save her. Very cruel.

  4. Queen Elizabeth firing that British military rifle, and the Armenian old lady protecting her home… badassery at it's most badass. (edit: as well as the two young Armenian ladies photographed before going to war.)

  5. How wonderful it is to have all these relics, it makes me feel like I participate in all these unique moments, to see all these idols, known stars is fascinating and music matches the moment. I love to see that someone values ​​past things is like the time tunnel. wonderful to participate in this selection.

  6. The date of 1960 must be a mistake for Leonard Nimoy getting his haircut I mean that wasn't until 1970 that that stuff happened I thought I mean 1960 like that was way too early for that stuff

  7. It seems to me that they could have waited a couple more years before rushing into the decision of making goalies wear a face mask I mean it seemed as if there was a little more time needed to make sure it was really necessary thing seemed like they rushed into that one

  8. Auto Polo???? LMAOOOOOO Some things were NOT meant to be combined!
    So I guess ZZ Top had beards even before they had beards.
    There is only 1 member without a beard. Guess his last name……that's a manly AF rocking band!

  9. 3:52  The Sinatra/Gehrig "autograph" photo took place during the 1939 World Series. That was Gehrig's last season (he played only 8 regular season games), and he died 2 years later of ALS.

  10. Gabby signing that baseball for that gangster is exactly why I don't have any respect for people that make their living in sports or hollyweird!

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