12 Most Amazing Houses In The World

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Whether in the present day or the distant past, there have always been architects and builders who are willing to go against the trend, and create structures which are truly unique. In celebration of those visionary builders, this video is our guide to the most unusual buildings in the world.

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27 thoughts on “12 Most Amazing Houses In The World

  1. horror/thriller author at amazon.com books sez: Frank Gehry's work looks like a tornado had its way with a pile of sheet metal. Overrated architect.

  2. Unsubscribe…. Do you guys not know how to title??? Something like 10 unique buildings or something along that. Lame

  3. Thumbs down for misleading thumb of the one thing I was interested in that wasn't actually in the video. Also reported.

  4. FYI: The Sea Ranch Chapel, completed in December of 1985. James Hubbel, artist and architectural designer is the creative genius who combined local natural materials with gifted local contractors, craftsmen, and artisans. To learn more about this truly unique northern California landmark, simply Google The Sea Ranch Chapel. It's worthy of a spot on up-coming vids. Oh and thanks for the very enjoyable vids. Informative, entertaining and well-produced…thanks to all involved. Signed, A Fan Peace and cool beans

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