13 Amazing Unreal Places

Here are 13 amazing places on earth that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list. The world is filled with surreal beauty, both natural and man made.

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29 thoughts on “13 Amazing Unreal Places

  1. Wow, fantastic video. Seeing this, I want to go on a holiday immediately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDRWr87yTlM

  2. Dont forget to throw in the religion of global warming . Oh wait! Its climate change now since it stopped warming.

  3. The underwater Christ at Key Largo is in the underwater national park. I touched it many, many moons ago.
    Is the commentator of "13 Amazing Unreal Places" also a voice actor for Graphic Audio?
    He sounds like a Rogue Clone to me.

  4. #10 Japan's Romantic Road – the voice over claims that it is "Two thousand seventeen miles long." Wrong. It is 217 miles, barely.

  5. Global warming? You mean the 0.8 celcius rise in the last 140 years? You know at one point the scientists were screaming about an inevitable ice age.

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