32 thoughts on “15 Most Incredible Homes In The World

  1. These houses are amazing, but unless you have a huge family, seems a waste. The upkeep would be just ridiculous, no matter how much dough you have. I guess the rich just want to impress other rich people, and thus, the bigger and more impressive the better.

  2. Billionaire in India he’s like ha kick in the teeth to the poor people below , purely selfish , anyway the most ugliest ever

  3. Look at how many starving country’s could’ve been helped , with what’s spent of these homes why do you need more bathrooms than bedrooms

  4. Not ONE of these owners can walk down the street without 100's of body guards. I personally don't consider that as being RICH. They create their own prisons. I'm okay being me.

  5. Astounding that the same world that has such places, also has millions starving to death every year, millions living in absolute poverty, millions with out 4 walls and a roof, millions that never see doctors etc etc. I don’t believe I know a solution but I do know that something is very wrong when these type of houses exist along with the few points I mentioned. I’d appreciate any thoughts anyone might have. Thanks

  6. Instead of wasting millions on homes they don’t use to capacity, they should donate at least half of the cost to worthy causes.

  7. This and other mansions like this is and should be seen as ugly. In every country that have one homeless or refugees in it. This is not grand, but disgusting to a grand degree.

  8. That's not a damn house, that a city! I could go days without seeing anyone in my family. Man could you imagine someone asking you to bring them something and they're on the other side of the damn world? Would take you years to get across the house.

  9. It's not how much you have, it's how much you give. I don't want any of these.. I have 3 room and 1 bathroom and I am THANKFUL!!

  10. The only reason to have 103 rooms is if you plan to have your kids, your grandkids your parents and grandparents live by your side the rest of your life or if you would use it as a hotel or place for homeless people. Other reasons are psychiatric material.

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