$17 Converse Shoes Vietnam Fake Market

■ VIETNAM, SAIGON: I’d bought nearly everything I needed in this market apart from one thing. A new pair of shoes. Not that I needed a pair but I was curious to see how much a fake pair of Adidas shoes cost i Vietnam plus it was rather fun to bargain with the funny sales women. So I decided to go on one last market hunt just for fun. So how much does a fake pair of Adidas shoes cost in Vietnam? What are the cheapest shoes? And what is the price for Converse shoes?


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43 thoughts on “$17 Converse Shoes Vietnam Fake Market

  1. Converse was originally sold in America now after the rise of new sneakers Converse was no longer the shoes we know today instead they sold it to Nike apparently Nike made shoes through China which is the biggest business country ever. Take note: Any shoes that are actually have been plastic wrapped are counterfeit goods, China however is different they sell shoes via package of cardboard box and these shoes are shipped via cargo, and no people can buy this shoes if they have the budget to buy all of it.

  2. In one of your other videos, u said you were from "Sweden", and now here you are saying you're from Norway.
    Btw I like how you attempted to impress them by showing your "I ❤️Vietnam" imprinted t-shirt to help you in your bargaining😂

  3. Very Nice, I like the moment when you bought the shoes it's super funny and lovely 👌👌👌👌😅😅😅❤❤❤❤

  4. lol the maximum price is 14 dollars for a pair of shoes there if you are Vietnameses. And if you bargain, you can have them with 1/3 of the price. Be careful in Vietnamese local market, price there is insane. And all of the fake shoes are from China, and you will be shocked if you know the real price of them

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