2 Ways To Style The Adidas Tubular Shadow (Review & On Feet)

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31 thoughts on “2 Ways To Style The Adidas Tubular Shadow (Review & On Feet)

  1. He sounds less intelligent. The only thing he had right…the Tubular shadows are nice. I rock these “sneakers” with a sophisticated look. This dude needs to stop lol. He has no idea. Oh and those high as cuffed pants, you might have just worn capris bro…please stop.

  2. most kids don’t even have yeezy’s and they’re calling different shoes “knockoffs” even tho it’s from the same company.

  3. The Adidas Tubulars are like a child of the Nike Roshe Twos and the Yeezy 350 Boosts. Nice simple style and cheap. Love them.

  4. Gross
    Get ur fuckboy wanna be looking Ass outer here…..
    Dont ever impersonate a fuckboy ur proboly a 30 year old!

  5. My brother bought me a pair of yeezys and I bought a pair of shadows like a week later cause I wanted something that wasn’t black. All I can say is if the shadow had boost they’d be better than the yeezys

  6. Step 1 to looking good is not giving a fuk what people think. I wear what ever I want. I don't care if people judge me or not.

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