28 thoughts on “[2round] 'Green Witch' – Amazing You, 복면가왕 20191027

  1. One month without seeing you. Funny how I can smile outside but deep down I’m really sad and frustrated. I’m really good at hiding feelings. No one will understand how I feel about you. How it frustrates me because until now there’s no justice being serve. Yes my feeling is valid, yes I am sad but being sad won’t help you. I just pray that you will have a good recovery. This is where I can only vent my frustrations and thoughts so bare with me.

  2. I wish that green witch will get better soon and she will no longer feel the pain. I want her to eat pearls as many as she can on her gongcha. I wish she will only experience good things in life.

  3. today Wendy updated her bio on ig and it says Wendy from Red Velvet then I remember what Stacy said to her " You are not just Wendy from Red Velvet you are more than that and Wendy from Red Velvet is already a lot” I just wanna hug her and tell her that I miss her everyday and  there is no day I don't think about her.

  4. When I heard this, it seems familiar 😄 Now I remember, Wendy sang this to the wedding of their staff, it shown during the Eye Contact Cam 💙💙

  5. Can we have this cover at spotify? I'm blown away by this performance, Wendy's voice is just so beautiful. Definitely the best vocalist on the 3rd generation of Kpop👏💜

  6. Small fact, Han Dong Geun (Bob Ross) was the original singer of this.
    Him and Red Velvet once appeared on a radio show together once.

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