$40 Apartment vs. $30 Hotel in Vietnam 🇻🇳

■ VIETNAM, DA NANG: When I travel in Asia I generally stay in hotels or guest houses because they are incredible value for money. But in Da Nang, Vietnam’s third biggest city, I decided to check out what deals they had for apartments on Booking and AirBnb. Turns out the prices for condo rentals were incredible. Seeing as I’m not traveling alone I decided to go for a 2 bedroom apartment.

So which deal did you find better? The hotel or the apartment? And have you ever seen better value for money as far as hotels are concerned in Vietnam or elsewhere? Keep in mind this was daily rental so of course you can get it much cheaper on a monthly or longer contract.

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25 thoughts on “$40 Apartment vs. $30 Hotel in Vietnam 🇻🇳

  1. I see you are only carrying a backpack. Is that all you carry or you have luggage/suitcase stored somewhere? If no, what would you carry in your backpack? I saw a laptop already.🙏

  2. Why, YES!!! Directly in front of a glass window! THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE FOR A TREADMILL!!! lmfo. 🥴 💯

  3. I think your friend didn't do his research. Don't most condos come with a home gym and or pool?
    Last condo i stayed at had all of the above. for 30$ a night a forever pool and a gym. And the gym in the condos I've stayed at have put that gym to shame!

  4. Harald come please Darjeeling in north east part of India. I will be there for Welcome to you. Its a heaven on earth, and I am sure that you can make a different story from my place. Big fan of U..

  5. I can imagine how small the room is. Open the door and the bed is right in front of you. Nevertheless, it's cheap.

  6. Vietnam is an amazing place, was there couple years ago now and i found it to be one of the nicest places with warm people. good food, beautiful buildings and cheap prices what more could you ask for? So much fun. I plan on going back. =)

  7. If the apartment is $40.00 per month it's the waaaay better deal. Other than the pool, I see not much spectacular about the hotel. Thank you for sharing though. Cheers!

  8. Didnt picture you as a bring me the horizon fan. 😂 Norwegian death metal scene is pretty big tho so makes sense

  9. My room is six Oh Tree. The lady that showed you the room likely began as cleaning staff based on her knocking on the door before opening it. That's what I would imagine cleaning staff get ingrained into their heads. Just a hunch.

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