5 BEST Travel Destinations For 2019 | UNILAD Adventure

Here’s our pick for the 5 best destinations to visit in 2019!
From epic mountain landscapes and tropical paradises, to amazing wildlife and vibrant cultures, we’ve picked our very favourite travel gems you just have to visit in 2019!

All credit to the amazing creators who helped make this video possible!

Zimy Da Kid


The Progress Film Company


The Planet D

Andreas Giesen

Salt & Silver

Drone Snap

Pablo Tibis

Jenovel Studios

Hamza Mujtaba Films


Amazing Places on Our Planet

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29 thoughts on “5 BEST Travel Destinations For 2019 | UNILAD Adventure

  1. I think Kyrgyzstan will be the next hot spot for backpackers as it's a bit of a hidden gem still and not that many people visiting YET. Those landscapes are just insane! Brb booking a trip 😄

  2. This is absolutely inspiring! Amazing filming!
    (Although you speak incredibly fast, which can make it tough to listen too, and I suspect people who are not fluent in English and/or familiar with a British accent would struggle to understand you.)

    My only plans for this year involve beaches and palm trees. I don't much care where. Although I have always wanted to travel in the footsteps of the Great Alexander.Although it would be brilliant to discover what it might have been like to live like Caligula as well. Those would be worth exploring some day.

    The only problem with following in the footsteps of famous historical figures is; Where does one start? Laying out the plans for where to go, what to see, and how to get the full historical experience can be quite challenging… and no travel company I have been to offers to do THAT kind of research for you, never mind the complex booking. Which makes it a lot more work than it seems. But someday….

  3. If you want to see nature then you should go to Pakistan, incredible hospitality which you will never feel in the whole world

  4. No.1 Travel Destination in 2019 by Lonely Planet.
    Wonder of Asia – Paradise of Tourists

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