5 Most Amazing Science Discoveries Made In 2019

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5 most amazing science discoveries made in 2019. Today, we take a look at these 5 amazing science discoveries made in 2019.

2019 has been a fascinating year for science and technology. A number of startling breakthroughs have been made in different fields of science.

On one hand NASA has continued to explore the deep pockets of the space, making new discoveries and expanding human knowledge about different phenomenon. And on the other hand, other space agencies have also picked up the pace and begun sending space crafts of their own, to the moon and the planets within the solar system.

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  1. Faceless Source 5 days ago

    lol he's says me-thing – It's methane

  2. Tim Boyd 5 days ago

    Wy are you blow up the soler sitem and the higen clider ned to stop this be for thay blow us up like you doing tow the outher plants

  3. Joe Kuncl 5 days ago

    Please don't call it the dark side! It is not, just unseen by earth.

  4. Victor Landry 5 days ago

    It really doesn't matter at all what you or I think because we are totally unable to even grasp what's happening around us at any given time in our short blink-of-an- eye-existance on this Earth! for we are helpless and ignorant of what all God is and has in store accordin' to His long and well- thought out plan! we are just actors in a lengthy "play" and we must be thoughtful and serious characters and do our utmost best for the short time we are allotted to be in here and now for in relation to us and pertaining to the world at large there ultimately is no past because it has already happened and has absolutely no bearing on anything at all! and there really is no future because it never ever gets here! so the only thing that matters is the eternal present it's a gift to us constantly so be here now and do what you all inherently know is right! because there are no do-overs and you don't want to have regrets so do things which won't cause misery and do things which will cause health,wealth and happiness!!!

  5. Satish C 5 days ago

    It looks lik the shape of milky way galaxy

  6. Apophis Chaos 5 days ago

    As long as they were only wrong about the ages of white dwarfs, and not how quickly our sun will turn into one I don't mind science being wrong.

  7. KKari Through the looking glass 5 days ago

    4:22 methane

  8. Cleto Santa Coloma 5 days ago

    Nunca tan actual el aforismo socrático "Sólo se que nada se". Thank you very much for the video.

  9. Asrat Mengesha 5 days ago

    There is nothing to discover in space, there are only stars, the stars give no heat no cold. Right?Thanks.

  10. Atman Kost 5 days ago

    I think most of them are based on dated models that don't fully or accurately explain or explore the electromagnetic processes we've discovered controlling the cosmos, yet few are embracing it as it forces too many hard questions to be asked of our standard cosmological understanding, and there are far too many careers based on those models…

  11. Dave Nonyabiz 5 days ago

    its METHane not meeeethane gas

  12. Israel Forever 5 days ago

    That’s a bit unfair. I can’t get a mobile signal in my house and we’re only two miles from the mast.
    and these guys are getting mobile signals from deep space. Who are they with. Is it Vodafone? Is it? It is isn’t it? And I’m stuck in a contract with T-Mobile.

  13. Aracne80 5 days ago

    3. No secret alien bases?! Aoww …

  14. Albeit Einschtien 5 days ago

    Those circle holes look like nipples. Earths nipples perhaps? My girlfriend said it is true.

  15. JTK's world 5 days ago

    The two picture at the front page, wheres the explanation ? 😵
    i consider this as clicbait

  16. Qino this is the most important Qino 5 days ago

    Turn up sound please

  17. altareggo 5 days ago

    Methinks he is just trying to thyool us…..

  18. Jim Gagne 5 days ago

    What do I think of these discoveries? Who cares. None of this crap is going to help me fix my stupid SAAB

  19. Jim Gagne 5 days ago

    It's a giant BB-8 !

  20. HANDO * 5 days ago

    10 billion years!??
    Thats this year. 2020!!!.

  21. David Davids 5 days ago

    some late info. at 6:09, since there AIN'T no dark-side of the moon, the term is/always was, meaningless.

  22. James James Ottu 5 days ago

    They say carbon dioxide is causing global warming here on earth . Why is the same thing frozen ice on Mars. The planet receives sun radiations too ?

  23. RAY 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777 5 days ago

    Yea on the moon right.well I didn't know they still made black and white cam.anymore? I smell bullsht.i mean really guy if this is what you believe in sad sad sad .I tell you know next I loan them my phone to get color photos .god the one from the old testament win his heart and you will know the truth…wake up people I need to all to wake up.you look to NASA to teach you of great thing .but I tell you know as the God honset truth.greatest things are found in you.all those pictures are just pic.but you are real fleash and blood.blood of our God.fight to do then right thing this is of him.kindness be good to outhers . understanding.only can make your soul and mind one

  24. kollo duke 5 days ago

    haha ultima thule looks like a potatoe heehee ..money well spent ?

  25. PGT Beauregard 5 days ago

    I imagine the majority of people don't realize the subtle but significant change to our space program. No. 1 is that we have star 'ships', i.e. Voyagers 1&2 that are leaving the sun's realm, though they'll never reach the Oort Cloud in our lifetime. More significantly, most think our space missions are simple one-way missions. However, we now truly have spaceships, ones that ply the distant objects for photo and instrument reconnaissance. They change orbit and select destinations, something not possible with the one-way Voyager/Mariner missions…

  26. Sara Bell 5 days ago

    Why have we not been able to view any of the images of the far side of the moon that were taken by China?

  27. andy low 5 days ago

    i wonder why almost every time something about space is mentioned – there is distance, but no coordinates. how do they think i will locate something by distance? hello! we live in 3 dimensions, not 1.

  28. Tony H 5 days ago

    Interesting, but it gets to me when media, especially science education media, refer to specific branches of science/scientists as just "scientists". As if all science/scientists agrees and are "saying" the same thing. I realise there are probably many fields involved in these discoveries, and its just easier to just say "scientists say this or that", but it can be very misleading, and often harmful to the publics understanding and trust of science/the scientific body as a whole. Ie. I think its often the media, and the generaliziation of what "scientists say" that creates such mistrust in this day and age (when there really shouldnt be). Because some other scientific discovery/insight, that is very likely to be contradictory, might be, and probably is, just around the corner.

  29. TheLance3185 5 days ago


  30. Ross Brown 5 days ago

    Me thing?

  31. NLTDB3S 5 days ago

    Very good stuff..
    Interesting and well presented 👽👍🏻🙏🏻🎸🎶🇺🇸🐈🙏🏻🇬🇧🎸🙏🏻

  32. MagnetOnlyMotors 5 days ago

    3:47 who would have thought that ?

  33. Kurtis Engle 5 days ago

    I never heard of a crystal white dwarf before. But now that I have, I feel deprived!

  34. chjaka 5 days ago

    Modern Science has become a joke. Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Gravity Wave, Big Bang, Etc. are all unproven fantasies. Every time they observe something new it creates a crisis in their overall theories . They predict nothing accurately. We are in a Dark Age and don't even know it.

  35. BethAnn Mayberry 5 days ago

    For those annoyed at the long E methane… as I am in the USA, it also sounds odd to me, but just FYI, he is using the correct BRITISH pronunciation. Not as jarring to me as their pronunciation of Migraine (mee-grain) or aluminum (al-loo-min-EE-um!) but yeah. It's not WRONG… just different.

  36. The Duke 71000 71000 5 days ago

    As an Astro Electrical Physicist just pointed out as a result of the incredible discoveries revealed in July 2019, by a High Tech Electrical Engineering company. "So this means that our Astronomers are no longer qualified to look through their telescopes, because none of them have any qualifications in Electrical Engineering !" The U.S. Gov't certainly believes what's just been discovered. See the SAFIRE project. The Universe is ELECTRIC, there are NO islands in Space.

    Time to dispense with the THEORETICAL nonsense, and fakery. Out goes Black holes; Dark matter; Dark Energy; Big Bang; Expanding Universe, and of course Einstein's daft "THEORY of Relativity". Now maybe we can get back to some sensible and real Physics, and stop living in a Theoretical Universe.

  37. ScrapMetalBomb 5 days ago

    CGI bullshit

  38. Benjamin Severin 5 days ago

    wow this doco has so many mistakes its not funny ! kiaper belt is between earth and mars and the ort cloud is what surrounds our sollar system beyond the 8th planet which allso includes the moon pluto

  39. OugaBoogaShockwave 5 days ago

    LIES, ALL LIES ! ! !

  40. Dave Alexander 5 days ago

    Chem trails are CAUSING global warming. Holding the heat in instead of letting it radiate back into space at night. Any doubts?? When is it coldest in the northern latitudes. Clear nights or cloudy nights?? DUH!! The Aluminum particles in the chem trails are lowering humanity's I.Q. too. Stupid people are easier to deceive & control. Explanes demonazies….

  41. k8eekatt 5 days ago

    Good news! 30 years of conservation of fish habitat along the West Coast of North America have allowed bottom dwelling fish to repopulate and 9 species are no longer threatened by extinction.

  42. Des Robinson 5 days ago

    At 2.50min thule looks like barney 😂😂😂

  43. Aurelia S 5 days ago

    Should have called the ultima fuel (?) Olaf from frozen. It's even got eye sockets and a mouth and what looks like a comb over hair cut in the brown coloured photo. Makes a change from a " cigar shaped object" i.e. A rock. go snowman.

  44. Jeffrey A. Smith 5 days ago

    Mistake #1 – Pronounced Ultima Toole.
    Mistake #2 – The larger lobe is flat & pancake shaped. The smaller is spherical. This was discovered in spring 2019.

    Mistake #3 – Kuiper Belt pronounced Ky-per Belt.

    Mistake #4 The FAR Side of the Moon. Not The Dark Side of the Moon.

  45. Seander 5 days ago

    Could you please tell me what the 5 were?

  46. Simon J 5 days ago


  47. R K 5 days ago

    thank you for creating and sharing the video, I appreciate it.


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