$50 FAKE vs $180 REAL UltraBOOST Comparison

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45 thoughts on “$50 FAKE vs $180 REAL UltraBOOST Comparison

  1. £50 for fakes, i just bought some original ultra boost in the sale half price for £75! And no they are not fake, they are from a running shop that just deals in top of the line running sneakers.

  2. Wait my dad got me a par of ultra boosts on Amazon prime and it said it was 160 dollars but it said it was on sale for 60$ did I get a fake one

  3. Idk man. I buy Ultra Boost for comfort and it’s a plus that they look really good. If they didn’t have the Boost there’s no way in heeeell I’d be paying $180 for these.

  4. It’s not fair to the companies… LMAO… yeah adidas really needs a few more billions sitting in the execs accounts. Fuck off

  5. Both look great 🤔. I bought my Ultra boosts from Footlocker on sale plus a coupon😛😁. $100.00😃😍. I am happy with them

  6. Naaah ur prasing the real one too much….The replica that i bought is nice ….Cushion is awesome it might not be the real boost but it is damm comfortable….the quality is also nice maybe the material may no be as premium(hah premium that still tears original boost)….Also had the orginal boost naah if i ever have or wish to buys it again i will buy the replica one again ….save money ..

  7. so you have beaten up the fake one and have worn them as much,..so does this means that the fake one is much comfortable and better to wear than the original?,..i should get that fake one eh,…

  8. You all realize the reason these are so good is because they all come from the same area, where the real ones are made, right? This is not Ali BABA BS, these dudes are serious on infiltrating the market and I love it. It keeps you all on your toes.

  9. 1:1 https://www.mybestsneakers.com/ultraboost-shoes-636905138104790665_sp.htm – Uncle Lin does these and they are literally the same thing, built from the same materials on the same equipment. I haven't bought them yet but people swear by this site. I bet this gets deleted cause it hurts fools like this. Oh, and the offwhite ones are so good – StockX labeled it at authentic. There is a video showing a dude who got scammed from StockX with the UNC blue OFF WHITE J1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znuUV0oYvXk

  10. Oh, and fuck you all for botting. I hope one day the industry cracks down on that shit like NIKE just recently did with banning all the bots and forcing you all to manual cop on the smart app.

  11. You want ppl to stop creating/buying replicas? Stop hypebeasting! You and your cohorts are the reason these shoes go for insane prices, which is why normies buy them on the low from chinese hackers.


  12. The replicas are good only for showing off but you can't use them for running. You'll injure yourself. You don't even know if toxic materials were used to make these "copies" . 😁

  13. Adidas costs $15 to make but retails $180…gee, wut a ripoff! Also generic as hell regardless of the comfort. I bet the ultraboost has less material and less labour to make than any previous shoes.

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