60 Most AMAZING Images From History

A beautiful collection of 60 Photographs from history that will make you think that from where are we coming and where will we go as human race.

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23 thoughts on “60 Most AMAZING Images From History

  1. Much has been made of Bosniaks (Muslims) fighting for Nazi Germany. However, far more Muslims fought for the Allies and are rarely given credit for it.

  2. These photos are some of the most iconic images ever taken… And look at the crap that's all over the place now. No comparison to true works of art. Thank you. Awesome compilation!!

  3. my first reaction was the german soldiers are saddened and pained but now it looks more like they're hiding from the camera

  4. Except that wasn't Hess – he hanged himself in Berlin's Spandau prison in 1987, aged 93, virtually the last relic of the 1971 4-Power Agreement and the only remaining occupant of the prison, which was then demolished.

  5. lmfao,,, the motel manager pouring acid in the water when black people swam in his pool 1964 5:25,,, lmfao!!!!!! OMG I am in tears laughing, man, made my whole week with that, lmfao!!!

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