9 Amazing Science Gadgets!

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1. eisco labs wave:
2. liquid motion spiral timer:
3. liquid motion bubble timer:
4. liquid motion wheel:
5. sand art:
6. wooden spiral marble:
7. ferrofluid:
8. galton board:
9. mezmo globe:

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42 thoughts on “9 Amazing Science Gadgets!

  1. I started make videos like this because of your channel .
    Honestly I learned much from your videos and still learn thanks a lot .
    You're genius .

  2. Oh my God this channel is so good i love your content so much , i hope one day my videos could even be half as good as these.

  3. The only reason I subscribed to brusspup over 10 years ago was because he was giving away an iPad…the very first one. And to this day I enjoy all his videos. Who cares about an iPad. Thank you kind sir!

  4. Cute and certainly 'expensive' toys / conversation pieces displaying scientific principles, but no real "Scientific Discovery!"

  5. im so glad you came back brusspup i hope to see quite a bit more amazing science contraption and illusions from you in 2020

  6. Construction idea: it seems you can show the funny "Dzhanibekov effect" on earth by simply put an unstable gyroscope inside a very ligth three-axis gimbal system (see wiki eng "gimbal" it's pretty much the inverse of the wiki animation where we would fix the outside and see the inside "periodically inverse it's rotation poles"). As far as I know this kind of contraption to highlight the Dzhanibekov effect has never been done like that, but hard to be sure 🙂

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