Adam Levine Breaks His Silence On Super Bowl Drama

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine left some fans scratching their heads after he made a quick wardrobe change during the band’s Super Bowl LIII halftime show performance. Toward the end of the set, Levine took off his jacket and revealed a ’70s-style tank top as loud as it was brown. And, well, Twitter was not here for it, with many users gleefully roasting the outfit.

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34 thoughts on “Adam Levine Breaks His Silence On Super Bowl Drama

  1. But to many that didn't like it, it's just like the singers asked to do the national anthem……you get what you paid for. The NFL could also say, 'fuck the halftime show we don't need this anymore.' And quite frankly maybe they should tank the halftime show.

  2. Then if people are going to complain and compare Adam to Janet, which honestly is a bullshit argument, then make the same restriction that people are complaining about regarding Adam Levine, to the fans to because I have seen fans cheering and shouting without a shirt. So, if any kind of restrictions are made, make them for everyone, and that includes the fans. And it should be that if someone is viewed without a shirt in the stands then they have to vacate the game.

  3. Anyone gonna touch on how he called gaga irrelevant for performing at the Superbowl but he does this? At least gaga puts on a good live show…

  4. Yeah the performance wasn’t the greatest but it’s just a tank top!, and also why are people getting so mad about him taking his shirt off it’s not like no ones ever seen it before! Btw Love Adam Levine and maroon 5 💜
    Edit: his body is probably hotter than your anyway!😂

  5. People need to chill over a freaking tank top? This makes no sense! He looks sexy as hell any way! Just everyone leave him the hell alone!

  6. im more concerned about the people who are non-stop criticizing famous people. too much anonymous comments and bad criticizing can bring depression to this artist. i mean come on, what's going on people.

  7. The issue with the performance was it was a giant pool of festering satanic/illuminati cult symbolsim. The Baphomet bowl as it should be called, right down to the brady head of the goat, defeating the rams, just as the Bible states how the goat emerged and defeated the ram with the emergence of the Antichrist.

    People are just plain sick of these psychos throwing this crap in their faces.

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