Adidas Day One Ultra Boost Review and On Feet

Probably one of those shoes that went under the radar because not a lot of marketing was placed on this sneaker. I haven’t seen any boutique tweeted or instagrammed this pair of sneaker for sale, and was only informed when Adidas Canada had them online for preview. My friend was able to snag a pair for me this time around as it seemed like the stock was pretty limited, heard there were only 30 pairs online. I’m pretty stoked to get these because last year, they have created a Pure Boost ZG model in this collection, but I did not like the comfort of those on my feet so I skipped them. These look really unique and finally, were designed with an Ultra Boost sole. These are the Adidas Day One Ultra Boost that I have here for a review.

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34 thoughts on “Adidas Day One Ultra Boost Review and On Feet

  1. idk if I'm the only one who does this but to combat the loose ankle fit I just put my laces through the suede on the heel and tie it like people tie their ramones

  2. Any tips on how to make them fit slightly snugger?

    I went my normal size (works fine for Janoskis, CS2s, Tubulars, etc) and am worried that they would actually fall off during normal wear. That might just be me exaggerating and expecting the worst, but anything to make them fit slightly tighter would be appreciated.

  3. considering you've had them to wear for a bit, would you go with 3.0 ub sizing or NMD sizing? The ankle area definitely looks like it has a lot of give to it.

  4. are these shoes comfy for wide/flat feet? I saw another review that said these run very narrow compared to the traditional UB. I assumed it was simply the same UB sole as the 1, 2, and 3.0 models…Just want to make sure before I purchase. Thanks!

  5. Well put! I think it's the lack of padding in heel and way they so fits with the strap which makes it fit all around looser. I was only to get in half a size bigger and could wear but I think I'm gonna swap for .5 down to my normal ub size for a tighter fit!

  6. these ate fire. I picked em up for the reason that they look unique compared to other ultra boost and they are super easy colors to match with. rock them with khaki cargos and a black tee for the summer

  7. i've been watching some of your older videos and it looks like somebody stabbed you and killed your enthusiasm but i think it's sounds more casual and better and not some super hyper kid who drinks too much coke

  8. Your reviews are good but two ways to make your review better is make the video shorter and stop saying the same thing in every review. For example when you talk about primknit you say the same thing

  9. Just some knowledge, straight from one of the boost engineers, Boost does not actually return energy. It only minimizes energy loss, no sole cushioning technology can actually return lost energy.

  10. I like these but i feel like you could only wear them with a super high tech outfit. The nice thing about standered UBs is that they go between causal, sport and more street/techwear styles well. Also if you get a chance do you mind reviewing the Puma Tsugis?

  11. Considered consortium because its an exclusive to stores that have consortium accounts with adidas. Having an Adidas Consortium Account means you get access to sell adidas top of the line and ltd products. So its still a consortium shoe, but its not a collaboration so it will not have a hole punch. Its not a collaboration because the shoe stems from the adidas performance line

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