Adidas Matchcourt Slip Wear Test

If 2015 was the year of the rubber toecap, then is the slip on going to dominate 2016? Well, it probably will if you put a toecap on it! Adidas did just that with their newest masterpiece: the Matchcourt Slip-On. The Slip takes their popular Matchcourt shoe and simplifies it. With nothing but a canvas upper hugging your foot and a beefy rubber toe to keep you safe from the dangers of griptape, this shoe isn’t like much we have seen before.

Our friends at Adidas invited us to their headquarters to give these new kicks a try, so we took the whole damn office crew and picked up a few Sizzle Pie’s on the way! Everyone in the crew tried to skate differently so we could see how different tricks put wear on the shoe. Between the seven of us and a few hours of skating, we ended up with a pretty good idea of how these babies perform. Check the video to see what we ended up with and then grab yourself a pair!

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21 thoughts on “Adidas Matchcourt Slip Wear Test

  1. These aren't really that ugly or stylish. But as someone who kickflip cones cuts thru laces. Slip ons are my hours to shoe. I just wish these were suede

  2. Its funny that you guys think toecaps are for flip tricks. Back in the day, people that skated vert would wear shoes with toecaps because wearing knee pads and sliding out of transition would ruin the toes of your shoes not to mention how much that would hurt your toes. Thats what the toecap was originally for and what it does best. Ive owned a set of these shoes and the exact place where everybody was getting stitch wear is the first part to blow out, then the elastic. These shoes lasted me a month and I skate everyday, the only reason why they lasted that long was because i patched the stitch and elastic. SHOE GOO & DENIM PATCHES ARE LIFE.

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