Today I’m reviewing the Adidas NMD R2 PK!



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43 thoughts on “ADIDAS NMD R2 REVIEW

  1. hey those japan boost grey R1s are the best R1 design i know of, you really got a great taste in shoes! Why didnt you post anything about them?

  2. Nice vid man, I’m thinking of getting the r2 or xr1. Is the r2 more comfortable? If so how much? (and by the way if your not wearing any spare pair of nmds, I’ll take em 😂 I’m size 9)

  3. I don't actually like the outer plugs on the r1. I don't actually mind the PLUGS, but I hate how they added "adidas" on the plug closer to the tip of the shoe. I really like the big plug on the r2 though. Maybe the r3 will have a big plug AND the outer plugs.

  4. All I ever hear is that the boost isn't as comfortable as the ultra boost. I know that, but is it still really comfortable? I kinda need to know quick.

  5. can i get your opinion on the "glitch" or "zebra" ones that came out? they're pretty easy to find, grey/black with a sort of orange red medial block and a little on the sock liner. that and the japan black nmd r2 pks? trying to decide between those two. thanks!

  6. Everyone is complaining about the plugs but honestly that’s the only reason people buy NMDs. I like the looks and comfort of the NMD r2s. If you’re rethinking about getting the r2s because of what people say about them, just say SCREW THEM! I really recommend these shoes! I’m actually getting some myself. At least I’ll try to.

  7. Is it's boost sole same as ultra boost? Is there any comfort difference between these and caged/uncaged ultraboost?

  8. I could have got these for £60/$82 but they sold out, mind you I don't think these r the nicest nmd's but your getting boost for £60.

  9. So if I wear a 10 in yeezys would these fit like that? XR1 and R1 usually too small for me in 9.5 so 10 would be good yeah?

  10. I’m gettin these. I like these better than the r1’s , but don’t hate!!! Some of the color ways are more aesthetically pleasing.

  11. Maybe someone can help me but I’m in Arwen the Olive nmd r2 and the ultra boost pride color way what would y’all choose

  12. When I want to find out more about a shoe, I go to this channel. Unbiased and bullshit free reviews, straight to the point and very informative on sizing. Plus, we both love our Reigning Champ Ultra Boosts!

  13. my nmd r2 pk got holes and tears all around the toe box. the shoe doesn't last long at all, it gets damaged incredible fast.

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