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Today I’m reviewing the new Adidas NMD XR1 in the OG colorway!


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Canon 18 -135 Lens:

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Azden Shotgun Mic:

Ring Light:

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30 thoughts on “ADIDAS NMD XR1 OG REVIEW

  1. After a year of owning mine and washing it once with a shoe cleaner and brush my fore foot sorta sank like it shrunk. And i realized i can bend the shoe in half. Did i copped a fake pair?

  2. I have a pair of NMD XR1s in the Zebra colorway and they’re a sample pair. The white stripe u see on the cage is black on the samples. Pretty nice

  3. Hi . Question. I'm size 9US in my Ultraboost 2.0 can I fit for this Nmd xr1 og size 8.5US ? Need response . TIA

  4. I'm guessing these aren't being sold in Canada yet? I tried looking online and I can't find em lmao can anyone confirm?

  5. So ive been thinking about getting an nmd og for quite a while but i dont know which one to get

    Should i get OG R1s or OG XR1s?

  6. halp I'm contemplating whether I should get the adidas ultraboost ATR oreo mid or the xr1 og
    p.s I have ultra boost 4.0 triple black

  7. Grabbed these a few months back. I feel like the boost in these feel a lot flatter than any of my r1’s. Not sure if it’s supposed to be that way or I got a bad pair.

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