Adidas OG NMD XR1 + R2: Best NMD Combo for Oufit Matching Couples

I’ve always wanted to build a catalog of matching outfits for couples. So I wanted to use this Adidas OG NMD XR1 as my starting combo. The NMD R2 + XR1 is a …


42 thoughts on “Adidas OG NMD XR1 + R2: Best NMD Combo for Oufit Matching Couples

  1. Hahaha you got me! That was freaking hilarious!

    I wish my GF would rock NMDs. Can anyone else out there sympathize? How can they say that their "flats" are just as comfortable as Boost??!! Mind fucking blown!

  2. man, how do you keep your r2's boost so white? I bought mine after seeing your review, been rocking them a lot but the boost.. man it's dirty, and I can't seem to whiten it

  3. I love boost but no more boost shoes for 2 reasons. 1. difficult to maintain clean 2. long hours of wear hurts if you walk a lot

  4. I think it would have been dope if on the R2 they made the outside blue while keeping the block red. Will still keep the og vibe

  5. Yo… I am looking for some school shoes and my buget is like $130… I'm looking into some Adidas with boost in them. but I am looking at Nike and I haven't wore nikes in like 3 years, so any recommendations?

  6. at like the first minute I say that your "legs" were at an angle… The. I saw that it was your hand because the shoe stretched out to the side alot…

  7. Love the XR1 OG, just got my pair from the Adidas website. I don't have the R1's but comfort and look on the XR1's are amazing. Loved the Video!

  8. Billy I lost my boost viginity and copped the ice blues from the Parley collab! UB's are amazing thank you for pushing me to finally get a pair with your videos man my feet couldn't be happier

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