Adidas Originals Tubular Radial Solid Grey – Review + On Feet


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25 thoughts on “Adidas Originals Tubular Radial Solid Grey – Review + On Feet

  1. Just wondering if theres a slight heel in the shoes? That always helps me back out. Are they completely flat like a pair of sneakers or?

  2. tried some on today. really disappointed. they look great but why wouldnt you spend 10 bucks more for some nmds that are wayyyy more comfortable and look just as nice

  3. Hey Josh I would like to know if these are showing any sings of were after use and how long u think these would last

  4. Should I get the radial or x? I will get regular x, but customize radial. The price doesn't change that much so I don't really care.

  5. hey josh I'd recommend using the Adidas confirmed app if you really want to get yeezys for retail it might take a while but you'll eventually get them for retail just an idea.

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