adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R2 Hiking Shoe

Check out the adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R2 at Enwild:

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16 thoughts on “adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R2 Hiking Shoe

  1. My vertex boots started leaking in about 12 month of light use, the 3 year warranty offered on the website goes out the window if you buy retail, so no more Adidas products for me!

  2. Gonna buy these black versions, look great, will help with wet winter cycling on my bike packing adventures, good thing they've got gor tex inside…no more wet trainers due to tyre spray! :)…amazon for £100, sorted!

  3. Please include weight for shoes in your reviews. I know this can vary alot in this type of item, I will always buy lighter if I can.

  4. Just tried these on today. They were hard as cardboard and very uncomfortable. On the other hand, I also tried on the Terrex AX3. Those were amazingly comfortable. They could put up with my Salomon Comp 8 Trail Runners except that they are not waterproof.

  5. Hey bud, how does this version (Swift R2 GTX) compare to the original Swift R GTX and what are key differences?

    Noticed a difference in the mesh design on the second version.

  6. Just bought my second pair in this range, super tough, super strong, stylish they are fantastic! Now wearing my first pair in the construction industry driving……. they just keep on going 😊

  7. My biggest concern with these shoes are the LACES!! I saw some other video's on you tube where users complained of the laces wearing out after a year and in one case a few months. Does anyone know if you can use a normal lace instead of the speed lace?

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