Adidas Passed On This Fan Made Commercial That Went Viral

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Adidas is a powerhouse when it comes to brand name recognition, elite list of clients and advertising, but they passed up on a fan made commercial that went viral over the past few months. The viral video now has over 10 million views and the video itself looks nothing short of professional quality. Adidas most likely just never saw the video in the first place, so it is not entirely on them for missing it, but the success shows that maybe Adidas should reconsider. Jason Rubin, Steve Oh and Francis Maxwell discuss the viral hit.

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31 thoughts on “Adidas Passed On This Fan Made Commercial That Went Viral

  1. 5:41 – 5:58 – SO TRUE!!

    The amount of money that is spent, (and WASTED) on ads is incredible.

    I am in SO many online editing sessions, where the people from the creative ad agency aren't even paying attention. …and online sessions are NOT cheap.

    Also, the amount of money they spend on a colorist is hilariously stupid.

    Going through the protocol/process of an ad agency is, more often than not, a HUGE waste of money.

  2. They probably didn't use it because it shows a man escaping from a "retirement home" that he probably shouldn't have been in in the first place. It also made it look like retirement homes are a prison and only the best/ most physically able can get out of.

  3. An other reason for adidas to nut use this video, might be a Copyright issue. The Video is basicially the same as the plot of the 2013 German movie "Sein letztes Rennen" (Back on Track)

  4. I can see why they passed it up since it didn't really promote any of their "new products" but it still promoted their company so I can also see why they should have

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