ADIDAS POD 3.1 REVIEW: Watch This Before Buying!

Here’s my unboxing and review of the adidas POD 3.1! Watch the video below to find out why I’m not a big fan of it (make sure you watch especially if you have flat and wide feet, hehe).

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24 thoughts on “ADIDAS POD 3.1 REVIEW: Watch This Before Buying!

  1. Thank you for this review! Im planning to buy adidas POD S3 then i saw this review it helps me alot. Thanks. Im choosing adidas nite Jogger, Adidas POD S3

  2. Sir carlo, how much is the pod? U mentioned the prices of the crazy boost and racer but not the one you are reviewing..i think the shoe is dope. Thanks!

  3. Hey carlo got this sneaker for just 60 cad here at the Adidas outlet in Montreal..i have flat feet but i didn't have that negative experience that you have in fact i loved the shoe! Peace pare!

  4. This guy is talking so much bullshit about the shoe. I have the same kickz and disagree with all of his points.
    1. They are very good for wide feets and fits better than the NMD R1. If he can`t get in easily it's because he isn't try hard enough.
    2. The boost gives a good amount of cushion and feels almost as soft as the Ultraboost on the heel.

  5. I have narrow but some what flat feet. For me they are crazy comfortable. The boost you wear where too mushy for me

  6. Request naman patingin ng whole body shots while posing the shoes. I wanna see how you rock these shoes with those socks u wear

  7. If only I had known your carousell when you sold these bad boys. Selk me your EQT Support 93/17 red carpetttttt lmao

  8. The elastic band can be used to hold the laces loops, laced cycling shoes usually have a band like that and that's what it's for.

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