adidas Predator Battle! Can You Tell The Expensive Boot?

Ultimate adidas Predator Boot Battle between the 18+ and 18.3! Which soccer cleat is better? Watch the entire video to find out!
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41 thoughts on “adidas Predator Battle! Can You Tell The Expensive Boot?

  1. You would have to change players to do proper review. As in each use each. Still a good video. What happened to carbon fiber and the horrid Kangaroo leather like my old ones? (Horrid as in animal killing)

  2. Not a fair test if one guy tested both the shoes it would be fair their not really testing the boots abilities their testing their own abilities and one guy could be better than the other. If messi had the crap shoes and one of the other guys had the good shoe messi would still be better.

  3. You know what is funny you guys are always like talking about pro vs fake you guys don't even care about how the boot feels and works you just care about how it looks so I won't be watching anmore of your videos

  4. Thanks for the video. Although I understand its about your own skills that matters rather than the shoes itself. I bought my first shoe and that is 18.3 I now have faith in the investment that I just did 😀

  5. As a casual players that has never played for a team and just plays with his friends the 18.3 is perfect! Just bought them today and I love them. I feel way more in control with the ball now, plus they look super clean

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