Today I’m reviewing the upcoming Adidas Prophere! The Prophere is the newest sneaker silhouette from Adidas. The Adidas Prophere is heavily influenced by 90s style and fashion as made evident by the bulky midsole and design details. The Prophere drops on December 15 at Adidas for $120! Check out my review to learn more!

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  1. looks absolutely NOTHING like a 90s sneaker, why do you say shit like that? it isnt made to look like an older sneaker, tell me one thing about it that even looks remotely to an older sneaker!

  2. I had a tubular that stayed with me for long 3 years. It is very worn out now. I bought one of these today for casual/training purposes.
    Hope it fits my needs.

  3. 2:41 same for me if i wear nike size 9 (its perfect fit for me) but adidas size 9 its not realy big but loose like you say so whe i ordered adidas deerupt i got size 8,5 and its ok. So when you buy adidas buy a haf size smaller. And about adidas prophere midsol is not comfortable at all,i will not purchased again.These shoes looks better then they are .

  4. I remember seeing these last year when they dropped… It was love at first sight. But me, being a broke high schooler, couldn't get my hands on a pair. Flash forward to a year later- Christmas season 2018, and I'm looking on Adidas for Christmas gift ideas- behold! Adidas Propheres at HALF OFF! What a steal! And most importantly, within my parents' Christmas budget! Long story short, I love these, but couldn't cop originally. I'm FINALLY getting my hands on a pair- even if a year late. As Mr.Foamer Simpson says- "Patience Saves Pockets." Thanks for the review! I love your content! Keep it up, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  5. Are there a chance of going full size down with this shoe. Like if I am size 10 the size 9 prophere can fit me.. Thanks

  6. These shoes came in the mail and have had it for about 3 weeks. I have a few things I want to talk about if you guys don’t mind spending a quick minute. While the color-ways are very nice, I have a few concerns. 1: The shoes are extremely heavy and bulky. If your planning on walking around in them, which I do for school, these are not the one. It’s just simply heavy and can cause stress to the calves after awhile. Also, in the back where it sticks out, it’s very unpleasant and inconvenient. Walking in the hallways people constantly accidentally step on it. Therefore this was not worth my money I hope I saved you guys some money.

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