Today I’m reviewing the brand new Adidas Pure Boost 2017 and comparing it to the Ultra Boost!


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50 thoughts on “ADIDAS PURE BOOST 2017 REVIEW

  1. i'm born with a not too rare condition, the dreaded pes planus (fallen arches) aka flat feet. i love shoes, but my flipper shaped feet & wide soles make it really difficult to find comfortable fitting shoes.

    i own a pair of aerobounce, which offers decent support for the arch, but as we all know, bounce is less plush than boost, and insole width is still far from comfy.

    to date, i'm eternally grateful that adidas created the pure boost. the curved outsole does prevent the midsole from crashing down, and offers enough support & comfort for me.

    p.s.: not sure if u have any influence with adidas, but i truly wish they'd never stop producing the pure boost 2017 mid & outsole design.

  2. Got my pure boost in full white with a black outsole today after having a triple white colour way for a year and a bit. So good I had to get another pair for this year.

  3. I bought a pair of these shoes in white/grey. First time trying boost as well. So far i really like it, the cushioning reminds me of the Nike Air Vortex though which i also liked. So far your videos really helped in deciding what type of Adidas Boost shoe i wanted. So thanks!

  4. Can you please tell me how loose is the shoe with your usual size 9? Since you said in the video 8.5 was more snug and better fitting. I'm buying it online and I want to know if going true to size will not make it more loose fit. Thank you.

  5. Good review. I unboxed mine last night and had the same impressions. I bought these by accident and meant to get the dpr's, but I think it's a blessing in disguise. I like the extra cushion and also think they look dope. Basically, I love how these can be used as a good running shoe and also look nice as casual wear. A good all around comfortable shoe that does everything pretty well. Meaning…good value! The new 2018 blue ones…with blue mid-sole to match look pretty sharp.

  6. I'm debating between these Pure Boost versus the Nike Air Pegasus 34. I use them for my summer time walking around town, etc. shoes. Not sure which ones to go with.

  7. You should review the Adidas Pure Boost Go… would love to hear your take on them. Thanks and hello from Australia 😀

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  9. I'm glad you added the part about the insole. I recommend trying the shoe again with a thin insole. I have this exact same colorway, along with the light pink, and the Sneakerboy glow in the dark colorways. This is my favorite shoe. Even more than my Yeezy's. They're a joy to just walk around, and a really great running shoe as well. I would definitely recommend an insole with a substantial arch support if you're running with these. I have flat feet, slapped in a thin insole from some other shoes I have, and it was like running on a cloud. But, higher arches may need more support. Or, just go with the UB. Those seem to have better arch support.

  10. Copped these for 54.59 at an outlet when i went on vacation, great build quality and you can feel the boost much more than most other recent boost sneakers

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