Adidas Pure Boost 2017 Review!

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Canon 5d

5d Battery

5d Lens 35mm

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Camera Light

Camera Track

Back Drop

Back Drop Cloth

5D Memory Card

Tascam “Audio Recorder”

Sony A5000 Camera

32 GB SD Card

Camera Bag


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32 thoughts on “Adidas Pure Boost 2017 Review!

  1. just bought these in "night cargo" with the black midsole. Best looking sneakers I've ever owned…but, yeah, wind goes right through them.

  2. it IS a runner, the reason it fits wide in the front is for toe splang there is 2 heel counters outside of the shoe on the back and it has extra lace holes on the side to tighten then even tighter to lock ur foot in better

  3. Lovin the long socks in the on-foot. Clean as hell! I ended up getting this shoe in the red and gum colorway and made a review on it just recently! I'd appreciate hearing what y'all think 🙊🤙

  4. can someone tell me which is better? these black rubber outsole? or the gum sole on the new colorway release? (core blue and burgundy)

  5. This is a advertised as a running shoe. Most I've ran in these pure boost so far is 5.5 miles. Great ventilation, fit, and doesn't hurt my feet, no problems for me. Id rather run in these than ultra boost. The ultra boost felt like a heavier and has too much cushioning for me. Glad the pure boost has a firm boost.

    I tried saucony, brooks, on cloud, and nike so far. This shoe is one of my favorites for running.

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