1. Thanks for the support everyone! I reviewed the pureboost DPR version also! Check it out. https://youtu.be/LbYQ_Y9Lfc0

  2. I got some boost shoes from Burlington for $40, they don't have a lot of boost, so you can run in them and they are comfy. I did hills and laps in them and my feet are not sore at all. They have average looks but are good for casual wear,

  3. I really love to research and then buy running shoes. Most of the channels I watched are mostly just about comfort and aesthetics. They are silent on the most important part that is it's performance while running. That is what we want to know about the running shoes apart from the other aspects. I am so glad that I found this channel. You really deserve more subscribers. Keep up the content.

  4. This is a review I've been looking for! Really, it's specific, well made and also has a great time to information ratio. You're doing amazing job, I hope one day people will appreciate it 🙂

  5. Omfg thank you for a review about how they run…all the reviews about these are by a bunch of skinng hypebeast f*ckboys talking about clout…thank you bro..subscribed too!

  6. i've been looking for an in-action running review of this shoe, and you're the only one I've found! You should really have more subs

  7. Hi Jami, when you ran with these without the insoles from your other shoe, was it still comfy?

    I have the DPR version (thanks for holding that review down too) and am thinking of getting the ATR version of the Pureboost. Thanks!

  8. HI buddy, thanks for your great channel, will you do a video review for this running belt as well? https://www.amazon.com/DOB-Running-Reflective-Bracelets-Separable/dp/B073TJL8GM

  9. Lmao the ending was goat. Amazing channel. Definitely got a sub here.

    Any recommendations to get these (and other running shoes) online below retail? I’m only used to the soccer side of the internet.

  10. Close-up, your feet look really sloppy in those shoes. Would be a better review if I couldn't see that your heel doesn't even touch the heel cup of that shoe…they must be at least one size too big on you.

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