Adidas Pureboost 3.0 'Triple' White 2017 Review and On Feet

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On the same day the Ultra Boost 3.0 Oreo / Zebra dropped, Adidas also launched the Pureboost worldwide as well. In Canada, only the all white, all blacks, and the fake Yeezy black and white camo colourway made it into Canada. The pureboost sold out within 30 minutes and has since restocked online. The first and second models of the Pureboost were so comfortable, that it was a must cop for me as well as for review purposes. Here is the Adidas Pureboost 3.0 in the Triple White colourway.

Instrumental produced by Chuki (


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  1. Rizzen Fn 2 weeks ago

    Ultra boosts are better

  2. Alex 2 weeks ago

    Does the pureboost have no insoles? I thought I got a used one because mine didn’t come with it

  3. Ashish Tiwari 2 weeks ago

    hi!! please tell me how your shoe's going on are the best for running . ordered the same shoes please advice should I go for it as a running purpose or I search for something pleas advice you have the same shoes & I think you can advice the best thank you so much for such a great video ……;)

  4. Rezyx. 2 weeks ago

    bought the shoes and they are so fucking nice. But i have a question, do they got Primeknit?

  5. Gage Bryan 2 weeks ago

    Those shoes are too big for you little man

  6. _IA_ WOT Blitz 2 weeks ago

    there is no in-sole? is that correct??

  7. Palomino 2 weeks ago

    Great videos. 👌🏻

  8. Paul M. 2 weeks ago

    September 13, 2018
    – Adidas is having a sale, especially on Pureboost. I recently copped a pair for 63 dollars. Their sales price is originally 90 but with the coupon code "septcode" you can buy these shoes for $63

  9. Mark Aldrich Dela Santa 2 weeks ago

    Hello, I got mine late. Question, can I use these for running? Or this is more of a lifestyle shoe?

  10. James Ryan 2 weeks ago

    which is most softer and cloudlike feel? this or the 4.0?

  11. David Power 2 weeks ago

    can imagine wide feet running, that knit will have toe holes in just a few hundred miles 🙁

  12. Ron 2 weeks ago

    pureboost is heaven for wide footers <3

  13. Sahil Agrawal 2 weeks ago

    I got them on sale for 80$. No brainer

  14. Erick 2 weeks ago

    Do you know where I could still buy some pureboost 2.0's ?

  15. Kristóf Nagy 2 weeks ago

    I have these shoes and they are sooooo hot. OMG In my opinion this design is the best in the whole world. Sorry xdd

  16. Aiko Pasaribu 2 weeks ago

    These or the dprs?

  17. Harry Reyes 2 weeks ago

    Pureboost or AlphaBounce, Which is better?

  18. Kodesii 2 weeks ago

    Bars 5:39

  19. Daniel Watkins 2 weeks ago

    "the vallluuueee OH YES"

  20. Battlehawk Gaming 2 weeks ago

    0:10 SAVAGE


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