Adidas Pureboost Trainer Review

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Review

The Adidas Pureboost Trainer is marketed as one of Adidas’ most popular, versatile cross-training shoes.

After getting multiple requests for an Adidas Pureboost Review review, we finally got our hands on a pair and put them through our cross-training shoe testing regimen.


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The Adidas Pureboost Trainer was one of the most comfortable cross-trainers we’ve ever tested, but that comfort came with a caveat.

This caveat involved the Pureboost Trainer’s stability. The Boost midsole was not ideal for supporting heavier squats and deadlifts and the elastic mid-foot strap was not very supportive.

However, if you want a shoe for day-to-day wear and the occasional light workout, then these are some of the most comfortable cross-trainers we’ve ever reviewed.


1. Comfortable full Boost midsole.
2. Light weight and maneuverable bootie design.
3. Great for light workouts and day-to-day wear.


1. Heel slip.
2. Potential long-term durability issues with the mid-foot/heel strap.

All-in-all, the Adidas Pureboost Trainer performed decently well in respect to comfort, but was not the most supportive cross-trainer out there.


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6 thoughts on “Adidas Pureboost Trainer Review

  1. A really nice looking shoe. After your review I think it would be best used as a casual shoe. Thanks for this great review.

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