adidas Running | ULTRABOOST 19

Rethought. Recoded. Reboosted. This is ULTRABOOST 19.

This is the story of how we took everything we knew about running, pulled it apart, and started all over. Because what is running, if not the search for something new and different?

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20 thoughts on “adidas Running | ULTRABOOST 19

  1. The boost doesn’t feels as comfortable as yeezys or the og ultraboost those are just pillows for your feet

  2. please guys i just want the song they played in a 20 second ad i got while watching radiohead it has a blonde girl and its really heavy the one time i want an ad to come back

  3. These are so expensive in India? When will they be available on discount? But really liked the GOT version of Ultraboost.. Btw videos inspired me to run and I bought a cheaper version of Adidas shoes to run.

  4. They've never dealt with such a lot of shoes like they have been lately. Why need it? She says in the video is a "tough challenge," okay, but it's crazy. 99% of people don't need it and don't ask for it !

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