adidas SoleCourt Boost Men's Tennis Shoe Review

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Players of all levels seeking the very highest quality playability, comfort and style will love this offering from adidas. Boasting an innovative combination of all-around comfort, lightweight materials, stability and durability, this shoe manages to offer the best of all worlds.

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adidas SoleCourt Boost Men’s Tennis Shoe Review


25 thoughts on “adidas SoleCourt Boost Men's Tennis Shoe Review

  1. Got these recently. Unplayable. I may have a slightly narrow foot, but the toe jam problem is unbearable. It’s so stiff from the front that it really hurts your toe so you end up not wanting to run. Separate to get back to gel resolutions. Gonna go for the 8 now. Previous one was 7 which is was wonderfully comfy.

  2. Hello, my pair of Nike zoom cage 3s wore out, and I was interested in these since they feature boost. How do the two compare? (Durability, comfort, etc.)

  3. I got the clay version last summer and after about 3 months the upper started ripping on both the outer and inner side, where the upper meets the sole on both shoes. Is it really normal for these kind of (expensive) shoes to only last this little? Are there any current clay models that should last me at least 1 year or even 2 if I play 2 times a week on average? Thanks for your answer!

  4. Hi there TW, I only play on synthetic grass and was wondering if the all court version will be good enough as it’s got herringbone design or should I get the clay version. TIA

  5. Searching online I noticed that the solecourt boost clay are the only ones with my size and I only play hardcourt would the clay traction still be as durable as the normal ones?

  6. Hi. I would like to know if the difference between Solecourt Boost Parley white/blue model has a very big difference between female and male models?  

    I ask this because I would like to buy in size 10.5, but it is only available for women.

  7. Hi tennis warehouse. Thank you for always getting back to me.
    I wear the Ubersonic 2 and thinking of going new ubersonics or perhaps trying these ones. I have a narrow foot but i put in an orthotic into my shoe so when i bought the barricades they were good but were digging into the arch of my feet.
    So 2 questions.
    Are these shoes more like old barricades rather than Ubersonic
    Are they quite narrow?

  8. Hi all! I've always used Barricades and the ones that I currently use are the 2018 Barricades (black and pink) and (green-ish blue), how would you compare the solecourt to the 18 barricade in terms of breathability? Cause on a hot day I would have to swap shoes with another 18 Barricade kept in a cold spot in my bag or my Defiant Bounce to keep my feet from feeling like they're burning

  9. Hi, TW, I saw Adidas promote different color same style shoes as for clay, are they for clay use only or will the durability decrease if I use it on hard court?

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