Adidas Stan Smith Boost Review and On feet

Bought these not only for a review for you guys, but I was genuinely interested to see how well they compare to the OG model of this sneaker. This is an iconic sneaker from Adidas that many should have seen already. It was a tennis shoe at first but has now since transformed into a lifestyle shoe for everyday wear. Now, Adidas has implemented their latest cushioning technology, boost material, into this classic sneaker. Today, I have the Adidas Stan Smith Boost here for a review.

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46 thoughts on “Adidas Stan Smith Boost Review and On feet

  1. Original Stan Smiths are way better the boost might be more comfortable but they look ugly and don't look as durable

  2. Compré estas zapatillas con gran regocijo. Tan solo dos meses después la suela está completamente manchada y es imposible despercudirla. El único valor agregado es que son 100% en piel. Pero la suela boost blanca es desastrosa.

  3. Thats funny, you said "clean outta the box or beat up worn these shoes look nice" ive said that about chuck taylors

  4. Even though this shoe was last year, Stan smith and boost just doesn't look too 🔥. I know a lot people would agree.

  5. Stan smith is stan smith you cannot mix up boost and a classic stan smith they both have different characteristics and function it is like Michael jackson and justin beiber. Michael jackson can never be justin beiber.

  6. La neta se ven bien culeras. Y ese material de poliuretano luego luego se mancha de amarillo la verdad le dan en la madre al original.

  7. I prefer the Superstar Boost; easier to clean and more durable, btw your Stans have a minor scuff on the toe box… Also FYI, Nike chairman Phillip Knight has confirmed that it's "Nikey" not "Nike", or any other pronunciation.

  8. I got these last year! My favorites but i wished they stayed the same white over time.. The boost got a lil bit yellow and hard to clean but the leather it's so great same with comfort. Anyway great shoes, i got them for 80Euros, worth the money.

  9. They look super cool and stylish, and with the boost technology therein, they are now kings of the white sneakers! Also their price point at $60 makes them a bargain in so many levels (price, comfort, style, quality) which is the reason they sold out in the Adidas store in just a couple of days 🙁

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