Adidas Stan Smith Close Up & On-Feet with Different Pants

Adidas Stan Smith requires no explanation. Enjoy the different looks!

Please leave any questions in the comment section down below.


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Stan Smith: Adidas store


Represent Biker Denim :

I Love Ugly Zespy and Jonty Pant:

Nike Tech Fleece:

Adidas Tiro Pant:


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50 thoughts on “Adidas Stan Smith Close Up & On-Feet with Different Pants

  1. 日本の90年代始めに




  2. How did they do the shoe laces?
    Keep in mid these shoes can get wrinkled VERY easily so try making less fold up positions with your feet while sitting trust me you'll hate the wrinkles

  3. That's a bulky shoes which would look if wearing shorts, i prefer canvass sneakers ( EG. Sperry Captain's CVO) if wearing slim fit jeans as it won't make your foot look big.

  4. Can you tell me where's this made in? India? China? Indonesia? Or another … ?
    Hope that you'll reply soon.
    Thank you very much. ^^

  5. I had no idea you could buy original Stan Smith Adidas in 2017 until I saw a woman wearing a pair on a commercial on NFL Network. Stan Smith's were my favorite shoes of all time growing up. This is outstanding news man.

  6. For anyone who's curious
    If you get your exact size, the shoes will fit perfectly (no extra space in the front), and if you get them a size bigger there'll be a bit more space. (also be warned that these might make your feet look big!)

  7. These shoes are nice I plan on getting a pair that's why I watched and Liked your video to see what they look like on foot. Your pants and the shoes look real good on you 🙂

  8. Thanks for showing what pants you wear I have both Nike tech fleece and adidas tiro. I think I might get the white and navy Stan smiths

  9. I want to order these but I'm not sure what color to get- is it hard to match the green in the shoes to the rest of an outfit?

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