Adidas Stan Smith New Navy + On Feet

Adidas Stan Smith is a tennis shoe made by Adidas. However, today the shoe is not used for tennis, but as sneakers.Nowadays many people wearing this shoe as a street style sneaker.
Stan Smith is very compertable also you can wear this shoe on any clothes.

You should need to get your own Adidas Stan Smith.

If you want to get Stan Smith here is the link !!

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27 thoughts on “Adidas Stan Smith New Navy + On Feet

  1. If you can’t afford the Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker with the navy on the heel, these are a perfect alternative 👌👌

  2. I've been wearing Stan Smith's since 1973, in that time each pair lasted me at least 3 years, that's including everyday wear and playing tennis. Best shoe for the price !

  3. Why do they make the tongue so long. Who wants to look down at their shoes and see a huge picture of some guy's face. Cool shoes otherwise.

  4. This is stan Smith II just with portrait on tongue instead of 'adidas' label. Cushioned tongue instead of basic leather tongue = no squeak. Stiffer leather, shoe holds shape for longer. Best trainer ever invented!!!!

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