Adidas Stan Smith Original vs Replica – Unboxing Aliexpress

Adidas Stan Smith Real vs Replica…let’s take a fast look and reconize which are fake…….in this video we can see that they are identical, i can reconize my real ones because the sole is wasted and yellow but the details are exactly the same! The fake have got just a bad smell like plastic…you can find the fake in chinese sites like aliexpress for just 20 bucks…


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19 thoughts on “Adidas Stan Smith Original vs Replica – Unboxing Aliexpress

  1. your not exactly spicificaly point out of what are the difference of authentic and fake. You'll need to systemize your vlogg properly.

  2. Here is the quickest way to tell: tie your shoes as best you can then walk around in the for maybe 5-10 minuets and if they come undone they are indeed fake

  3. Who the fuck buys replica Stan Smiths. Theyre the cheapest shoes out there. I can understand if theyre rep Raf Simons, but Stan Smith? Cmaahn

  4. Are you able to actually link the shoe . As AliExpress has made it a little harder to find things like this 🙂 would be awesome as I would like the logo

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