Adidas Stan Smith | The World's Most Versatile Shoe

The Adidas Stan Smith is a shoe with a long, enduring legacy. A shoe so iconic that Stan Smith himself has been overshadowed by the popularity of his own signature shoe! The History of the Adidas Stan Smith goes back to the late 60s’ but yet continues to be one of Adidas’ best selling sneakers of all time. How did this happen? In this video we take a deeper dive into the amazing history of the Adidas Stan Smith.


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48 thoughts on “Adidas Stan Smith | The World's Most Versatile Shoe

  1. I grew up seeing my dad rocking on those plain white sneakers with green label that says "Stan Smith" on sundays. I never really paid attention to the brand. That was back when I was not yet aware of this sneaker thing and before my dad died. Years later, I saw the same white and green sneakers that my dad used to wear and that made me want have one. I will always identify this shoes with my dad.

  2. I never even thought of using my stan smith as a shoe to wear when doing physical activities. I thought that it was purely made for casual use, not performance. And it doesn’t even feel that durable tbh.

  3. In 1980 Stan Smiths were holy grail to Northern English working class youths who were serious about looking smart, and their status among who they rolled with. Also adidas ATP, adidas Samba, adidas Kicks, adidas Jeans. Other grails were leisure shoes from Pod, KIOS, and Kickers (French Jean boots). FILA, and Sergio Tacchini tennis jackets were also highly sought after. Fred Perry and Lacoste tennis shirts and Slazenger sweaters were staples. I never thought Stan Smiths would still be making waves among the youth 40 years on, they’re simplicity and timelessness is legendary!

  4. Chuck Taylor
    Air Force 1
    Stan Smith

    The big 3 of white sneakers ever?

    Got myself a Chuck and AF1, guess Stan is next!

  5. A faultless and entertaining overview of this classic shoe, with the observation that its popularity does not rest on fake glamour but its own merits.

  6. They're the most versatile except for people sized 12 and higher. Size 12 looks like a clown shoe, and then it gets worse.

  7. I love what your doing.. as a designer you give a quick yet complete synopsis of the story and cultural/technical relevance.. 🤙🏽👍🏽

  8. Can you do a video on Ivan Lendl canvas Adidas, which are impossible to get a new pair. Almost like they Never existed.

  9. My second adidas was Stan's special edition with lime, not green, color that shines super bright in neon. At 2005 i heard nothing about this models, it was only one 'last' size on the shelve (i even think it had been stolen from some store). 15 years past and i still got them on my sneakers shelve for special models and even wearing on rare occasion. Best looking adidas model and what's cool – i've never seen that exact models anywhere or on anyone.

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