Adidas Superstar: A History of The World's Most Iconic Shoe

The Adidas Superstar has been culturally relevant for over 50 years now! The Adidas Superstar history stretches back all the way to 1968. It was the first sneaker to have it’s name mentioned in a song. Literally an anthem. Made famous by legendary rap group Run DMC in the 80s, in the modern times the Adidas Superstar is the perfect silhouette for collaborations. In this video we go into detail about the history of the Superstar and where the shoe originated. Enjoy!!


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36 thoughts on “Adidas Superstar: A History of The World's Most Iconic Shoe

  1. I intend to buy a hot pink glitter one as a present to myself on my 50th birthday next february! 😀😋😄

  2. Adidas superstar trainers are real legendary trainers – I do think of run dmc when I see them – a compliment to Adidas. I've had a few pairs and rate them. 👌🍻

  3. I will forever rock Adidas superstars. But still cant get over that adidas has been around for for over 70 years and Americans still cant pronounce Adidas correctly.

  4. I don't know if it's just the UK but I can't remember the last time I seen anything but plain white Superstars on the high street, a few years ago I bought a pair of Miami Heat Ltd Ed in a small sports shop, so it seems odd

  5. "With LEE on my legs and Adidas on my feet"
    I wouldn't say that Run DMC rocked the three stripes all the way from head to toe.

  6. Thank You 🙏 for the history lesson on all these classic iconic sneakers!!!!!
    Keep doing you’re thing n keep growing!!!!
    God Bless 😇😇🙏🙏

  7. You know why the Converse Chuck Taylors really suck in retrospect? The soles on the street court would not last more than a month before your toes would be creeping out.

  8. The Superstars are one of the ONLY sneakers that never really had to do a retro line because they never strayed from the OG formula

  9. Great video! Didnt know the Superstar was a basketball shoe. Just placed my order to grab a pair of these sneakers… 🙂

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