Adidas Superstar Foundation Pack Original & Fake

Link tokopedia Original:

Semoga bermanfaat atas video diatas 😀
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15 thoughts on “Adidas Superstar Foundation Pack Original & Fake

  1. Ini video nyolong ditempat lain, cuma bisa ngambil dari video channel lain.. utterly disgrace dude. I think you never hold the shoes or u never able to bougt the original one so u can spot the fake one or the original.. rubbish persona led to rubbish family.

  2. My mom's friend is selling a adidas superstar i was excited and it also cost 4795 bur it has a discount on it now it's only 3000 so i question my self is this real or not :/ i look and i found this video i was glad it was original because i don't wanna waste my mom's money with some fake shoe :/ that literally cost thousands

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