Adidas Superstar Orginals On-Feet w/ Different Bottoms

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I Love Ugly Selvage Denim Jean:

I Love Ugly Distressed Denim Zespy:

Hallenstein Park Expedition Chino Jogger Pants:

Nike Tech Fleece Pant:

Adidas Tiro Pant:


46 thoughts on “Adidas Superstar Orginals On-Feet w/ Different Bottoms

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  3. Many pepole said that this are basic. I personaly like them. I think you should wear what makes you feel good and confortable!😂 (sorry for my bad english)✌

  4. i have a size 6 and this girl at my school said " what size are you? they look so big " and it ruined my day but everyone else says they look good☹️

  5. What size are they? I picked up a pair not too long ago. I normally wear a 10, but they only had a 10.5. If they're not your exact size would they look too big and clunky, especially with skinny jeans?

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