Adidas Tubular (Black/Grey) | Pick Up & On-Feet Review!

What’s happening fam?! I had to pick these joints up, it’s a must. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!

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I do not own any of the music in this video due to copyright purposes.


25 thoughts on “Adidas Tubular (Black/Grey) | Pick Up & On-Feet Review!

  1. do you know where I can get the black and white colorway, same version? I have been looking everywhere and cast seem to find where. thanks

  2. Man I got a pair this week. I'm a 43 in size (European) I got 43 & 1/3 … Omg! Pain!!! Having to send them back 🙁 wrong size. Is it just me?!

  3. this vid made me wana cop the grey colorway. definite subscriber now. jst to throw a tip out i would change the lighting a bit on the review part of shoe but oflther than that dope vid!

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